Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Police officers often misidentify security at night privateofficer.com

Kansas City MO Jan 17 2017 For a third time in a week, an on-duty uniformed security officer was at the end of a gun barrel as police responded to a suspicious person complaint.
A Kansas City security officer in uniform and sitting in his personal vehicle was standing fire watch overnight at a business when he suddenly saw police officers with guns drawn approach his vehicle. The security officer not knowing what was happening grabbed his flashlight and began to get out of his car which escalated the officer’s verbal commands not to move and show his hands.
Two days ago an Atlanta area security officer also experienced a similar situation while he was on duty at a construction site, in uniform and sitting in his personal vehicle at around 4 in the morning. Several police officers surrounded his car guns drawn and ordered him out.
After seeing that he was a security officer they explained that there had been a rash of burglaries in the area that had all been committed during the overnight hours and that he appeared suspicious as he sat in the darkness.

On the west coast last week, a police approaching a uniformed security officer who was also sitting in his private vehicle accidentally fired a round which did not strike the security officer.
The officer noticed suspicious actively and could not identify that it was a security officer sitting in a secluded area of a business and went to investigate. His firearm discharged accidentally during the investigation. No one was hurt.

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