Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mother and son security shoot-kill two persons who robbed them

BEECH GROVE, Ind Jan 8 2017 A teenager and a man were killed Saturday morning when they attempted to rob two people working security outside "The Grove."
The bar and eatery is located at Alton street and Emerson Avenue.
The shooting happened just before 1 a.m.
According to Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley, the pair were walking back and forth outside the bar when the pair approached a vehicle the security guards were sitting in.
The 14-year-old boy pulled a gun that had been stolen in Greenwood, trying to rob the occupants.
Buckley says one of the security guards had taken out a cell phone to call 911 when the two approached the car.
"The teen demanded everything you have from both security guards, including a cell phone that was laying on the lap of one of the security guards," Buckley said.
One of the security guards rolled down the window and shot at the two killing both of them.
"I am very disheartened with society, we could do a lot better," Buckley said during a morning news conference. "There's something wrong when 14-year-old kids... 14-year-old kids should be home. This was one o'clock in the morning."
Buckley says the security guards were a mother and her son.
According to a police report, the security guards have been identified as 50-year-old Diana M Schakel and 23-year-old Steven Joseph Schakel.
Both were taken to the police department for questioning and were released. Buckley says it is unlikely they will face charges.
"It was very, very scary. It was a very violent scene, I feel sorry for everybody involved," Buckley said.
Pettigrew says security guards typically station themselves at the corner outside the bar to keep an eye on things. Every ten minutes the guards pace the building to do a security check, but in the winter time they stay inside their running vehicles.
"That's where it all took place," Pettigrew added, "that's a good thing that they did, protecting themselves, and like I said those guys could've come in here."
Pettigrew says he likes to keep security outside his bar to prevent anything from seeping into his establishment.

The prosecutor's office is now handling the investigation along with Beech Grove Police Department.

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