Sunday, January 1, 2017

Many security officer murders go unsolved

Charlotte NC Jan 1 2017
Rick McCann
CEO Private Officer International
As reported on December 21, 2016, traumatic deaths of security officers are on a steady rise and after in-depth research, Private Officer International determined that 84.7 percent were from traumatic injuries, namely gunshot wounds, stabbings and blunt force object assaults.
This, in itself is quite the opposite of the 140 plus law enforcement deaths which occur each year.

According to which recently did a ten year study of their own, they found that police officers died 31 % of the time from gunfire, 6.8 % of the time from vehicle assaults, 23 % of the time from vehicle accidents, and the remainder of deaths occurred during illness, training accidents and assaults.
Our research was also able to determine that the majority of private officers killed on the job die alone without back-up and are not found immediately. In fact, the majority were only found after another employee, be it a fellow security officer or an employee from the business, came into work.

This week, our team looked at the number of security officer homicides that have occurred during the past twenty four months and checked the ratio of murders that were Solved VS. Open cases.

As it stands right now, 74 security officer murders remain open while police have closed less than fifty percent of the homicides during the past two years.
There are many factors and reasons why the numbers of cases are low but none of them include the lack of efforts by law enforcement or the fact that the victim worked as a security officer. Homicide cases are worked relentlessly and equally regardless of any other factor.

Security officer deaths can be hard to solve because of the location of the business and the fact that it may have been closed, the time of day when the murder occurred, which can lead to fewer people in the area. Other reasons also include secluded worksites and a lack of surveillance cameras on the property or nearby. All of which leads to sparse evidence, few to no witnesses, little details to the facts or sequences of the incident and in many cases, a cold trail where the crime has occurred many hours before it was reported.

Private security agencies should consider known threats and dangers, location of the assignment including the hours, seclusion of the property and the lack of direct communication with back up personnel when assigning staff.
Additionally, body worn cameras for security personnel in the United Kingdom and other countries are becoming increasingly popular to document both the actions of the security officer as well as threats and actions of others.
They also document patrol activity and can be used for liability and insurance purposes.

Providing rewards and working with area crime stoppers are some of the other ways that we can assist local law enforcement in the capture of the homicide suspect.

Additionally, local security employers and users should come together to assist and support law enforcement, prosecution and the legal process from the time of the homicide until the time of conviction.

Private Officer International does offer reward money for information in security officer deaths and we have worked directly with law enforcement and the court system in the arrest and prosecution of suspects but we need everyone to be invested in seeking justice for those who kill our friends, co-workers and colleagues.

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