Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Man pleads guilty in shooting of Hard Rock Casino security officer

Jaret Schnee mugshot
SIOUX CITY IA Jan 4 2017 Jaret Schnee told the judge he wasn't sure how he wound up in front of him, pleading guilty to assaulting and threatening his fiancee and shooting a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino security guard.
Schnee also said he realized he had had a lot going for him up until that point and that he hoped saying he was sorry was enough to make up for his crimes.
"I realize I made a very poor decision. I'm truly sorry," Schnee said Tuesday after pleading guilty in Woodbury County District Court to going armed with intent, intimidation with a dangerous weapon and domestic abuse assault.
District Judge John Ackerman followed terms of a plea agreement and sentenced Schnee to 12 years in prison, a sentence that was well-deserved, Ackerman said.
"I understand you may be sorry, but what you did is crazy," Ackerman said.
Schnee, 26, admitted that on Oct. 4 he went to the Hard Rock, where his fiancee, Esfeidy Santos, worked, to confront her in the parking lot before she started her shift. During the confrontation, Schnee pulled out a gun he was licensed to carry and fired a shot in the air, then chased Santos and a co-worker toward the casino, where security guards attempted to disarm him. During that struggle, Schnee fired two shots, one of them hitting Anthony Henderson in the right leg. Henderson was treated and released from a local hospital.
Schnee fled the area and was located on Oct. 5 inside Mercy Medical Center.
The incident concluded a three-day ordeal in which Schnee had been charged with assaulting Santos two days earlier during an argument about their Halloween plans, then harassing and threatening her for a day before confronting her.
As part of a plea agreement, two counts of aggravated assault and single counts of domestic abuse assault, first-degree harassment, willful injury causing serious injury and assault while participating in a felony causing serious injury were dismissed.
Ackerman also modified Schnee's no-contact order that had been filed against Santos, who had asked that it be dismissed so that she and their children could visit him and speak to him on the phone.
"I am not in fear of him and would like to drop the no-contact order," Santos told Ackerman before Schnee was sentenced.

Ackerman said Santos and her children can visit Schnee in prison and talk to him on the phone, but if he is released from prison in less than five years, when the no-contact order expires, Schnee is not to see or contact her.
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