Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hospital security officers, bank teller honored for thwarting robber

Bank robbery award at police commissioners' meeting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Jan 12 2017
The Kansas City Police Department recognized four security officers on Tuesday whose swift actions helped to quickly capture a bank robbery suspect in September.
The four honored at a police board meeting Tuesday were:
David Eubank, security officer
Greg Irwin, security officer
Bryan Smock, security officer
Neal Stack, security officer
The Community America Credit Union is located in the basement of the medical center. The security guards believed the robber cased the property before striking, knowing the quickest way to get in and out.
The security officers were recognized for catching the suspect, Stephen McRary, 55. He is accused of using a plastic replica handgun in the robbery. Investigators say he walked in, asked the teller for change for a '100 dollar bill', then pulled the plastic gun partly out of a bag and told the teller he wanted all the money in the drawer.
The security officers tracked him down and held him until officers arrived. Police say McRary got away with nearly $4,000 but it was returned to the credit union.
"Our adrenalin got going. I personally said, 'We're getting this guy 'cause I want to be a hero," said Bryan Smock, security officer. "But in the end, I don't feel I was a hero, just doing my job and now we're here today, getting an award for it."


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