Friday, January 20, 2017

G4S security guard arrested for hitting patient

BARTOW FL Jan 20 2017 - A G4S security guard was arrested Tuesday after the Polk County Sheriff's Office said he punched an inmate in the face who had smeared feces all over himself.
Charles Cochran, 49, of 1255 Golfview Ave. in Bartow, faces a misdemeanor charge of battery touch or strike, an arrest report said.
Cochran is accused of punching inmate Tyler Oliver in the face multiple times while trying to shackle him to a bed at a Crisis Stabilization Unit.
Oliver had smeared feces all over himself and his shackles and then placed his left leg underneath himself so Cochran couldn't get to it.

Surveillance footage shows him doing that and then Cochran punching him in the face.

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