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Club bouncer arrested for hiding wanted person from police

Summerville GA Jan 22 2017
A bouncer at a downtown bar was arrested after he allegedly tried hiding someone wanted for questioning by cops, according to Summerville Police reports.
Police responded to a dispute at Hops and Haze bar around midnight Saturday. Customers Jacob Riley Smith, 25, of Summerville, and 30-year-old Matthew Chase Sprayberry, of Summerville, were allegedly drinking beer and began arguing. The fight was "close to becoming physical," Officer Harley Elliott stated.
"[Jacob Smith] advised me that a Matt Sprayberry had approached him asking if he had been making comments about his girlfriend. This then escalated into a heated verbal argument," Officer Elliott reported.
Before officers arrived, the bouncer and a Sprayberry's 37-year-old cousin, Tiffany Reynolds, told Sprayberry to "hide in a bathroom from law enforcement.
When officers arrived, the bouncer, 42-year-old Brian Keith Brown, of Menlo, and Reynolds told officers that those in the argument had left.
"When asked what was going on, Mr. Brown advised that nothing was going on that he had already handled the situation and that both subjects involved in the altercation had already left the scene and were no longer there. [Reynolds] then spoke up and stated that both subjects had indeed left," the officer reported.
While officers obtained information about the fight, someone pointed out that Sprayberry was in a back bathroom.
"Myself and another bouncer attempted to talk Mr. Sprayberry out of the bathroom with no success. The bouncer then was able to get the bathroom unlocked where I found Mr. Sprayberry inside. I then spoke with Mr. Sprayberry and asked why he had locked himself in the bathroom. He stated that he just did not want to go to jail and when it was discovered that officers had been called to the scene, his cousin, Ms. Reynolds, and the bouncer had made him go hide in the bathroom and told him to stay there until law enforcement had left the scene," the officer reported.
Reynolds told officers that she lied because she did not want anyone to go to jail. Bouncer Brown initial denied having any part in making Sprayberry hide.
"[Brown] stated that he thought they had already left the scene. I then asked him if he had handled the situation personally how did he not know that both subjects had not left the scene. He did not have an answer but just a blank stare on his face and only said that he was sorry," the officer reported.
As the officer placed Brown under arrest for two counts of obstruction of an officer, he did not immediately comply and put his hands behind his back for handcuffing.
"I then advised him again to place his hands behind his back that he was under arrest. He continue to fail to comply. I then grabbed Mr. Brown's arm and told him a third time that he was under arrest to turn around and place his hands behind his back. After a few seconds I began to start to turn Mr. Brown around. At this point he complied my commands and willingly placed his hands behind his back," Officer Elliott reported.
Smith and Sprayberry were arrested for disorderly conduct, according to jail reports.

Reynolds was also arrested for obstruction of an officer.
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