Friday, January 27, 2017

Bethlehem Central Middle School teacher arrested with marijuana at school

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DELMAR, N.Y. Jan 27 2017 A Bethlehem Central Middle School teacher was arrested after school staff reported an unusual odor coming from his classroom.
Steven Costopoulos, 56, was arrested after he was reportedly found in possession of marijuana. It began with complaints of a strong smell coming from the teacher’s classroom.
A small amount of marijuana and a pipe was found in his coat pocket. Parents are angry.
“That’s just not tolerable,” Ann Cunningham said.
Costopoulos was a technology teacher who taught seventh and eighth graders.
Cunningham, a mother of two, was shocked by his arrest.
“It’s very disappointing that a teacher would put the kids in jeopardy and set that kind of example,” she said.
A letter was posted on the school district’s website. It states in part: “Mr. Costopoulos was issued an appearance ticket for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, a violation.”
He was placed on administrative leave Wednesday.
NEWS10 ABC went to his home in Ballston Lake, but no one answered the door.
“It’s scary that somebody in that position can set an example, especially right now the heroin epidemic that’s going on in this district and many districts,” father Brian Wood said. “It just sets the wrong example for children in his care.”
NEWS10 reached out to the school district but did not receive a response Wednesday.

Costopoulos is scheduled to appear in court on February 7.

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