Monday, January 9, 2017

Austin shoplifter shoots self in the head while handcuffed inside cop car

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Austin Texas Jan 9 2017 A man arrested for shoplifting at a Texas mall shot himself in the head while handcuffed inside a cop car, police said.
Austin police responded to an incident around noon Sunday at Barton Creek Mall where they arrested a man who might be in his late teens or early 20s, Interim Chief Brian Manley said.
Officers cuffed the suspect and placed him inside a patrol car and were headed to police headquarters, he said.
During the 6-minute ride, the suspect expressed suicidal thoughts. When the arresting officer asked him if he was going to injure himself, the man replied, “yes."
The suspect then managed to pull out a pistol from his waistband — while still handcuffed — to shoot himself in the head, Manley said.
The incident, which was captured on video, will be investigated by the police department’s internal affairs division to determine if the arresting officer — an 11-year veteran — followed protocols, Manley said.

The suspect was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge and is in critical condition.

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