Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anderson Mall shut down due to hundreds of unruly kids, fighting

Anderson Mall

ANDERSON, S.C. Jan 19 2017
Anderson police responded to reports of large groups of unruly teens at the Anderson Mall Saturday night.
Police said that the call for help said that there were several large fights and police responded with multiple officers at around 8 p.m.
"We're talking about hundreds of kids. Lots and lots of kids who were milling around, fighting and being unruly a mall manager said.
A business owner said the situation was so bad that a worker hid in the back of his store and prayed for his safety.
Mal security and police combed the mall and ejected dozens of teens for loitering and fighting and that some teens refused to leave while others left, but re-entered the mall through different entrances.
Police said that they summoned more officers and began physically escorting teens off the property and mall management decided to close early to avoid additional problems.
Anderson Mall general manager Phil Alldredge said in a statement Sunday:
"Our top priority is the safety of our shoppers, retailers and their employees. We are fully cooperating with the Anderson Police Department as they investigate this incident."
Foxx said that parents are to blame and they should be more proactive.
"It's sad that a lot of these parents will come around and blame the mall for what's happening to their kids when they drop them off or either let them get on the bus and get dropped off here," Foxx said.

Police said no arrests were made and no property was damaged.

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