Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sioux Valley security officers rescue driver from burning car privateofficer.com

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Sioux Valley Canada Dec 6 2016 Fast-acting security officers from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation helped save a life late last week when they pulled an unresponsive woman from a flaming vehicle.
RCMP received a report at 8:15 a.m. CT Friday of a vehicle that caught fire after driving more than 150 metres off the road in the First Nation, located about 240 kilometres west of Winnipeg.
Moses Elk was on duty when a woman rushed into the security office to report a car had veered off of the road into thick brush. He and another officer drove to the scene and Elk approached the vehicle to see if anyone was inside. He saw a woman slouched over in the driver's seat, unconscious.
"It was all smoke and everything," Elk said. "I pushed the door open and tried to wake her up but she was out."
Elk said he pulled the woman out of the car by himself. They were only a few metres away when the vehicle erupted into flames.
"I didn't know what to do at first but it clicked in my mind, like take her out of there before it explodes ... sure enough a little after that's what happened, but we got her out already."
The woman, who was the lone occupant in the car, wasn't seriously injured.
Elk said "it feels good" to know he was able to make it there in time.

RCMP say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the crash.

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