Thursday, December 8, 2016

Security responds to triple murder

Albuquerque NM Dec 8 2016
The call over the radio was loud and clear. Shots fired. Numerous people hit.
Police and medical services rushed to the scene as did the neighborhood private security patrol assigned to the Four Hills area of Albuquerque.
It took Albuquerque police less than five minutes to arrive at the scene where a shooter killed three children and injured their mother, but it took even less time for the private security patrolman.
What the security officer saw was hard to believe. Three children bleeding were in a yard from gunshot wounds.
Aaron Jones heads up IPS Security, which has been providing private security in Four Hills for about a decade said that one of his employees got the call on the radio about the shooting. When he showed up, Jones said he found the children covered in blood and police had not arrived yet.
He did his best to provide first aid and keep the children alive.
Albuquerque police identified the shooter as 45-year-old Danny Wechsler. He shot and killed himself after the attack.
Jones’ security force is usually on the lookout for burglars and car thieves. No one could have ever predicted that his team would also be first responders for children who were shot in their own home.
The IPS Security officer in his twenties found himself confronting a horrifying situation. Three children were bleeding and desperate for help. Moments later, Jones started heading that way too.
“I heard about it and turned on the radio. I actually heard the broadcast of dealing with an 11-year old female who was unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head,” Jones said.
A neighbor said it took longer than 12 minutes for police to arrive, but APD Chief Gorden Eden said in a news conference Tuesday police arrived in less than five minutes.
Eden and Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry said undercover detectives were in the Foothills as part of a plan to find and catch thieves breaking into homes and cars. The first officers at the scene were part of that plan. Uniformed police officers in marked police vehicles arrived a few minutes later, which Eden said may account for the statements made by neighbors.

Despite the security patrol officer’s efforts, those children didn't make it. Moments later, APD and emergency medical personnel arrived and took over.
Jones said that when he showed up his employee was covered in blood, shook up, standing in disbelief.

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