Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Man kills woman, self in Ohio Walmart parking lot privateofficer.com

            Police: Man kills woman, self in Walmart parking lot

East Point OH Dec 13 2016 Police are investigating what may have led a man to follow his former significant other to work and gun her down in the parking lot before shooting and killing himself.
East Point police responded to the parking lot of Walmart Sunday morning. They said a woman had been shot and killed in her car around 4 a.m.
Police said the shooter, who they say was once romantically involved with the victim, followed the her to work.
She arrived at the store around 4 a.m.
Police said a security guard told them he saw the two people arguing and told them to stop. He did not intervene and walked away.
Police said that was when the man shot the woman inside her car, where she died.
He then turned the gun on himself.
The Walmart store later opened, and customers told Channel 2 that they were shocked to see the scene and family and friends around it.
“I walked in on something just (really) horrific,” shopper Delana Morrisette said. “It was sad to see people crying and was just sad to see on a Sunday morning. I just hope the families are OK.”
Police said they have identified the man and woman, but are not releasing their names until they have notified the families.
Both were in their mid-30s.
Investigators are talking to family members to find out if there was a history of problems or any violence between the pair.

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