Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Man dies after self-inflicted shooting at Wichita gun range privateofficer.com

WICHITA, Kan. Dec 13 2016 A public information officer with the Wichita Police Department confirms the Sunday afternoon shooting at the Bullseye shooting range was self-inflicted.
Police identify the person who died as a 20-year-old man.
Gun range owner, Mike Relihan wasn't there when it happened but he says it's not his first time dealing with something like this, and it's always difficult.
The last suicide at Bullseye happened five years ago.
"I'm sorry for the people that were there. Sorry for my employees that have to deal with it. Sorry for the person's family. This time of year is a bad time of year. The last time we had this was the day after Christmas," Relihan said.
Both times, the person used a rental gun.
Relihan says from training and his past experiences, it's difficult to spot any behavioral cues..
"No you can't tell. Maybe the person's family could tell, but we see somebody for the first time, we don't know if they're acting better or worse," he said.
Relihan says he's worried that incidents like this could come in groups.
The suicide at Bullseye in 2011 happened just a few weeks after another man rented a gun and shot himself at "Bullet Stop" in Wichita.

In Kansas, you need to be 21 and have an ID to rent a handgun, or 18 to rent a rifle. Laws in some other states require a buddy system - where you must bring a friend, or show proof that you already own a gun in order to rent one.

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