Sunday, December 25, 2016

Man accused of urinating beside woman sleeping in airport

Demarkus Bush (Source: SCSO)

MEMPHIS, TN Dec 25 2016
A man was arrested at Memphis International Airport after being accused of urinating beside a woman who was sleeping inside the terminal. Two airport employees pass by the woman sleeping on the ground under a row of chairs as video captured the first glimpse of the man as he tries to get up off the floor.
It's the last thing holiday travelers at the Memphis International Airport want to hear as they travel to visit family for the holidays.
According to the police report, DeMarkus Bush was standing in the terminal peeing over a female passenger as she slept in a waiting area Thursday morning.
After a few wobbly steps, Bush manages to strip off his jacket and leaves it behind on the ground. He then stumbles to the other side of the room and walks straight into a wall, not once, but twice.
The first bump knocks him back a few steps, but he walks again in the same direction one more time. But then....nature calls. Bush, less than a foot away from the sleeping woman, pulls up his shirt and pulls down his pants and urinates. It all happens while the woman sleeps through what is happening inches from her face. Additionally, others in the airport are seen in the background continuing on with their day.
"That's disgusting. Nasty," passenger Mildred Johnson said.
When investigators took Bush into custody, he said he had several drinks before arriving at the airport. Investigators said his speech was slurred and he was speaking loudly.
You can watch surveillance video of what happened in the following link. But be warned, the images are disturbing to some viewers:
Not long after the incident happened, an airport employee wakes the stunned woman up and breaks the news to her about what happened just moments before.
Then, the clean up begins.
"Horrible," passenger Geraldine Holmes said. "You shouldn't be that drunk in the airport."
Bush is charged with public intoxication and assault. After falling out of the chair, he flops and rolls around on the floor for several more minutes and appears to argue with the officer in the video before he is led out of the airport and taken to jail.
Memphis Airport Police were not able to provide detailed numbers Thursday regarding the number of crimes reported at the airport in 2016, but the department said passenger safety is its number one priority.
"Not only does TSA monitor the checkpoints, but we also have a full police department here," airport spokesman Glen Thomas said.
Thomas said incidents like what happened Thursday are rare.

"We always tell our passengers if you see something, say something," Thomas said.

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