Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Knox County Sheriff’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force arrest 167 suspects privateofficer.com

Fairon Wayne Kelly, center, is tackled by Kohl's department store loss prevention specialist Kevin Lee, left, as Knox County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Debbie Jenkins assists in the Centre at Deane Hill shopping center in West Knoxville on Thursday. Kelly fled from Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies after allegedly stealing from Kohl's.

KNOXVILLE TN Dec 13 2016 More than 160 people were arrested by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Organized Retail Crime Task Force since November 21.
The task force has arrested 167 people, including 12 minors. Investigators have recovered $30,893.86 in merchandise.
Three men from out-of-state were arrested for counterfeit credit card use. Investigators say William B. Jones, 28, had 38 credit cards. Jaar Warner, 29, had 17 credit cards in his name, according to the report. Patrick Woodstock, 31, had 18 credit cards in his name, according to investigators. The sheriff’s office says 35 restaurant gift cards were found with a total value of $1,750. The cards were bought with counterfeit credit cards.
The three men are being held at the Knox County Jail. He is being held on a $171,000 bond and faces charges for theft, forgery and criminal impersonation. Warner is in custody on a $130,000 and faces charges for forgery ,theft, criminal impersonation and criminal simulation. Woodstock is being held on a $97,000 bond.

The task force was created in 2011 and focuses on shoplifting, theft, car burglaries, car thefts and more criminal activities around retail areas.

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