Monday, December 12, 2016

Hinesville Georgia nightclub security officer gunned down

(Source: Coastal News Service)

HINESVILLE, GA Dec 12 2016
Police in Hinesville have charged a man with murder and aggravated murder following Saturday's fatal shooting outside Cream Sports Bar on West Oglethorpe Highway.
Police say Marcus Gunn shot and killed a security guard working at an area nightclub.
Eric Turner was working as a bouncer at the time of the incident.
Hinesville Police Detective, Joshua Heath said in an interview Saturday morning that patrons were leaving Cream Sports Bar located on the 700 block of West Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville shortly after 2:30 am.
The club's security was in the process of clearing the parking lots when several of them came upon two groups of men engaged in an verbal argument in the parking lot.
The club’s security staff attempted to break up the argument, three men sitting inside a vehicle began to give the bouncers a hard time.
One of the passengers pulled out a handgun, which was quickly knocked out of his hands by one of the security guards but another passenger immediately pulled out a handgun and allegedly fired three shots at Eric Turner.
According to Heath, one round hit his face whileanother round went through a window of room 147 on the first floor of the Ecolodge hotel located near the parking lot where the altercation took place. The bullet was later found in the headboard of the bed where a man was sleeping. He was later moved to another room. The third round was never located.
The suspect, Marcus Gunn, was later arrested following a traffic stop on Harrison Drive. Officers recovered a weapon during that traffic stop.

"At this point the other two individuals that were in the vehicle have been questioned, however there are no charges against them at this time, however, the investigation continues against all three," said Heath.

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