Sunday, December 25, 2016

Greenville ISD Police Department up, running

Greenville TX Dec 25 2016 With the start of the new year will come the start of the Greenville Independent School District Police Department.
“We are officially approved and we should be up and running,” said Greenville ISD Police Chief Ramon Rodriguez.
The district’s board of trustees acted earlier this month to hire two additional officers for the department.
“We have Nathan Baker and Jamaine Hamilton, both from the Greenville Police Department,” Rodriguez said. “They’ll start Jan. 2.”
Rodriguez was named during the summer as the Director of School Security, the first step to creating a police department. He conducted a district safety needs assessment and submitted a plan for the police department to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), which has since signed off on the plan.
The Greenville ISD is in the process of entering into memorandums of understanding with those law enforcement agencies with which the department would have overlapping jurisdiction, in this case the Greenville Police Department and the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, outlining the areas of communication and coordination efforts among the agencies.
“Their officers have been working at our schools since the beginning of the school year, providing security,” Rodriguez said.
The headquarters for the department and Rodriguez’s office will be inside Greenville High School, while another of the officers will be located at Greenville Middle School.
“We’ll have a third officer roaming the elementary schools, but his office will be at Carver,” Rodriguez said.
The department’s contact number is 903-453-3636.
“That’s for any type of offense on campus or in a school building,” he said.

Rodriguez plans to schedule a “Meet The Officers” night in January.
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