Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fake $10 bill leads cops to identity theft suspects privateofficer.com

(Top L-R) Eric Knight, 25, Kashmerae Oliver, 29, Antonio Garza, 53. (Bottom L-R) Natalya Imuere, 25, Jenny Crocco, 44, Princess Anthony, 28. Anthony Pizella not pictured. (Beaverton PD)

BEAVERTON, Ore. Dec 27 2016 A counterfeit $10 bill used at a Beaverton gas station led police to several people accused of a number of crimes related to identity theft.
The fake money was used at a gas station on SW Canyon Road, according to Beaverton Police Dept. An officer assigned to the case reportedly found a suspicious car at a nearby Motel 6 that was believed to be connected to the counterfeit money.
Detectives determined there were 7 people involved in the case, which ended up involving much more than fake money, police said.
The suspects allegedly used stolen bank account information to make fake IDs, which they used at victims’ banks to withdraw as much money as they could.
On Friday, officers pulled over a car connected to the case and found victim account profiles, counterfeit credit cards, counterfeit IDs and stolen property. One of the suspects reportedly told police there were drugs in the car, but a K9 didn’t find any.
There was also $27,000 cash hidden inside a compartment of the car, police said.
Seven suspects were arrested and taken to Washington County Jail on charges related to felony theft and identity theft: 44-year-old Jenny Crocco, 28-year-old Princess Anthony, 25-year-old Natalya Imuere, 25-year-old Eric Knight, 29-year-old Kashmerae Oliver, 49-year-old Anthony Pizella and 53-year-old Antonio Garza.

All of the suspects are reportedly from Los Angeles.

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