Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ex-bondsman pleads guilty in long-running NOLA bond bribery scheme

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New Orleans LA Dec 18 2016 Unlicensed bail bondsman Perry Becnel, 40, pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday (Dec. 14) for his involvement in a bond rigging scheme which included paying off employees from the Orleans Parish clerk's office and Orleans Parish Prison, according to court records.
His sentencing is set for April 5. Although he could face as much as 20 years in prison, the Advocate reported Becnel agreed to plead guilty in exchange for serving three years of federal probation.
Becnel was licensed from June 2001 to May 2007, but after that time he began paying Gilishia Garrison, who worked with Orleans Parish clerk's office and Orleans Parish Prison to create false release orders from judges and other elected officials, according to court records.
Garrison was a deputy sheriff assigned to CINTAP, a division of the Sheriff's Office located in the Orleans Parish Prison's Central Lockup. Her role was to receive and process orders from judges and other elected officials to release prison inmates on their own recognizance or on parole.
In exchange for payment from Becnel and other unlicensed bail bondsmen, Garrison was expected to fill out paperwork and phony computer entries that fraudulently represented the authorization for a release from an elected official.
Court records show that Becnel paid her between $100 to $200 in cash per release. The arrangement continued until Garrison's role in the scheme was discovered in March 2010. Becnel told authorities he paid her less than $6,500 in that time. 
The ex-bail bondsman who helped notorious New Orleans crime figure Telly Hankton post a $1 million bond before his 2010 murder trial faces federal charges for allegedly working without a license and for bribing court officials to get his clients out of jail. A federal grand jury Friday (Oct. 31) handed down an indictment charging Rufus Johnson and three others in a conspiracy...
Becnel was originally indicted in 2014 along with Rufus Johnson, another unlicensed bondsman who ran an unlicensed bail bond business located at 536-38 South Broad Street.

A total of 11 people were named in the scheme.

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