Saturday, December 3, 2016

Albany Technical College gets new police force

The department has already started working. (Source: WALB)
ALBANY, GA  Dec 3 2016
It was an historic day at Albany Technical College as the school swore in its first police officers.
Albany State Police used to patrol this campus, but officials thought the college needed a force of its own.
"Everybody kind of put their arms around us and said we aren't going to leave you on your own," said ATC President Anthony Parker.
Thanks to help from the community, it was a smooth transition for Albany Tech.
"This is a big day for us. It means a lot to have our own police department on campus," said Roychard Hill, the Chief of the new department.
Hill said he's a good fit because although he was employed by Albany State University, he was the shift commander for Albany Tech for the past seven years. He said he looks forward to what this new force will be able to do.
"We want to see the crime rate go down with this department since we have our own department and I think now that we have it we can execute that," said Hill.
Although the campus is more open that a traditional college Hill says he wants students to feel just as safe coming to Albany Tech.
"They are looking for a safe place and we hope that now by having a police department on campus, we can provide that for them," said Hill.
With only three officers, the new department doesn't patrol 24/7.

Albany Tech will continue to have a private security company to monitor the campus when the officers are not present.

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