Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wayne State University police officer dies day after being shot in the head


Detroit MI Nov 23 2016 A Wayne State University police officer, who was shot in the head while trying to stop a bicyclist in Detroit Tuesday evening, has died, the university announced Wednesday evening.
"I am saddened to report that a short time ago, Wayne State University officer Collin Rose died from the gunshot wound he suffered while working in the line of duty yesterday evening," said University President M. Roy Wilson in a 6 p.m. alert.
"This is a tragedy felt by all of us -- Collin and his family and friends, his fiancée, and our campus and community ... Collin served Wayne State with distinction, and we owe those he left behind our deepest sympathies and our strong support."
University Police Chief Anthony Holt, said on Tuesday that Rose, 29, was shot in the head shortly after calling dispatch for backup while stopping a man on a bicycle in a section of Detroit that has experienced a recent uptick and larcenies from vehicles.
A suspect was arrested hours after a manhunt ensued following the shooting. He was jailed and criminal charges were pending.
Rose underwent surgery Tuesday night, but was placed on life support Wednesday morning, Holt said.
"Officer Rose was well-respected by fellow law enforcement officers and the community for his work and his commitment to serving others," said Gov. Rick Snyder in a statement. "May he rest in peace knowing that Michiganders are collectively mourning his loss and that we will support his family, friends and colleagues to the best of our ability while they grieve."
Rose, who planed to marry next year, graduated from Kalamazoo County's Gull Lake High School in 2006 and worked for the Village of Richland Police Department for a brief time before transferring to WSU.
His first boss in law enforcement recalled him as an "all-American kid."
Rose worked as a K9 handler at WSU. The dog he most recently handled was named Wolverine in honor of slain Detroit Police Officer Patrick E. Hill, who shared the same nickname.
Hill was struck with friendly fire while attempting to arrest a homicide suspect in April 2013. He died of complications from that gunshot wound Oct. 20, 2013.
The 2006 Gull Lake High School grad interned with the village of Richland police department and then worked his first job there, hired fresh out of the police academy.
Rose is the third Detroit police officer to die since September.
Detroit Police Officer Myron Jarrett was fatally injured by a hit-and-run driver Oct. 28.
Detroit Police Officer Kenneth Steil died unexpectedly Sept. 17 of a medical complication resulting from a gunshot wound he suffered to his right shoulder while chasing a suspect Sept. 12.
"I've got to tell you, everything that is going on today ... not just here, but across this country -- we just had four officers ambushed over the weekend -- this needs to stop and the people as one, one America we have to speak out in a loud bold voice," Detroit Police Chief James Craig told media Tuesday following Rose's shooting. " ... You can not allow the anti-police rhetoric to fuel the thoughts of some of these individuals' minds.
"I really believe what's fueling these attacks on police officers is some of the anti-police rhetoric and it needs to stop."

Funeral plans haven't been announced.

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