Friday, November 4, 2016

San Antonio nightclub security guard shot to death

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SAN ANTONIO TX Nov 4 2016 Police have confirmed that the man shot to death at the Annex nightclub on Sunday night was a security guard.
 Questions loomed as loved ones said goodbye to Chris Fuentes, the security bouncer shot and killed at the club near North Side. 
On Wednesday night, the medical examiner officially identified him and confirmed his death was a homicide. The same night, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate Fuentes' life.
They stood in a tight circle at a candlelight vigil, singing "Happy Birthday" to someone who wasn't there. It wasn't the birthday celebration they planned for.
Instead of celebrating Fuentes' 35th year of life, they mourned his death. They let go of the balloons and watched them float away.
Letting go of her dad is an impossible task for Juliet Fuentes. 
"I'm hoping I wake up one day and he'll call me again and everything will be fine," she said.
Her tears fell onto the same parking lot where her father's life was taken Sunday night. Witnesses told police Chris Fuentes was escorting someone out of the Annex night club when two people came up and shot him multiple times.
"I think he got set up," said Chris Fuentes' mother, Yolanda Fuentes.
Looking at her son's picture, Yolanda Fuentes was riddled with anger and grief.

As the murder investigation continues, police ask the public for any information they have about Sunday's shooting or the people involved. Anyone with information is asked to call 210-207-7273.

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