Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oroville man attacks casino security-injures deputy

Butte County Ca. Nov 2 2016 A Butte County deputy is in the hospital and an Oroville man is in custody following an assault during a drunk in public arrest in Oroville.
Police say 23-year-old Dallas Iverson was being escorted out of the Gold Country casino after security thought he was too drunk. The suspect did not want to leave and began to attack the casino security, the security team reported.
Butte County Sheriff’s Deputies were called and attempted to arrest the suspect for public intoxication when he began to attack the deputies, deputies said.
The officers got the suspect into the car, but he was able to slip out of his restraints and kicked an unidentified deputy several times in the chest before he was restrained.
The deputy who was kicked was taken to Oroville Medical Center with rib cage and knee injuries. He has since be released.
The suspect was treated at the hospital before being taken to jail.
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