Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Innocent bystander killed during shooting at Sacramento casino privateofficer.com

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SACRAMENTO CA Nov 8 2016 Police are still looking for the suspect in an officer-involved shooting where a bystander was killed in the crossfire.
Investigators say 36-year-old Nicholas Broadway was shot outside Capital Casino along North 16th Street, just a block north of C Street, around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.
Broadway later died in the hospital.
Investigators say the gunfire happened after a physical fight broke out between two groups of men at the casino.
Police say an off-duty officer along with two private security officers broke up the fight, but then one of the men turned back and opened fire.
That’s when investigators say the off-duty officer returned fire, taking shelter behind a parked car.
“Several rounds were fired at our officer, causing significant damage to the vehicle our officer had taken cover behind,” said Officer Matthew McPhail with the police department. “This individual appears to have shot maybe as many 17 rounds in total.”
Police are still looking for that man. They have not released any kind of suspect information at this point.
Investigators say preliminary ballistic testing shows that suspect was the person who shot and killed Broadway.
No one else was injured in the incident.
Police say the officer involved has more than twenty years of experience on the force. Per department policy after officer-involved shootings, the officer is now on paid administrative leave.

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