Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hospital security detains suspect who confesses to stabbing privateofficer.com

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MEDFORD, Ore. Nov 15 2016
A private security officer working at an Oregon hospital was able to assist police with the capture of a stabbing suspect just because he was a good listener.
Medford Center security said that a man walked up to a security officer and told him that he had just stabbed another person and that he might be dead.
Medford Police were notified this weekend after the man came forward and officers took him to his apartment on Crater Lake Avenue where they found a 62 year old victim with multiple stab wounds. Police said the stab wounds were not serious.
Police arrested Emanuel Milton.
Officers determined that Milton intended to stab the victim after the two got into a fight over a female. Neighbors said they've recently seen an increase in crime in the last few months.
"I'm definitely going to have a cautious eye out for everything and everybody. More than I already have," said Alexa McDonald.

Milton was arrested for attempted murder and assault in the first degree.  His bail is set for $20,000. 

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