Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Greenville SC police charge man with shooting at security officer privateofficer.com

Greenville SC Nov 22 2016 A man was arrested on Saturday after he tried to shoot a bouncer who was attempting to remove him from the Blind Horse, according to Greeville Police.
An investigation determined Brandon Harley, 27, was involved in an altercation with someone and when the Blind Horse staff tried to remove him, Harley showed a handgun.
While trying to control the handgun, Harley shot at one of the bouncers, but missed and struck the bar, according to officials.
Officials said upon arrival they found employees trying to control Harley. Officers said they immediately took control of Harley, placed him in handcuffs and removed him from the bar.

Harley faces many charges. Some include murder attempt, possession of a gun during a violent crime, use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol and discharging a firearm into a dwelling.

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