Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cash transit security officer killed during robbery privateofficer.com

Paramedics pictured on scene after a security guard was shot and killed in Vaal during an apparent cash heist on 28 November 2016. Picture: @ER24EMS

JOHANNESBURG SA  Nov 29 2016- A security guard has been shot and killed in an apparent cash-in-transit heist in the Vaal area on Monday morning.
Paramedics say the man was shot multiple times while driving the cash vehicle on Westinghouse Boulevard.
It’s understood he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall, where he was found in a critical condition.

ER24's Chitra Bodasing-Harduth says, “Paramedics attended to the incident and found the man was in a critical condition. His condition deteriorated and paramedics tried resuscitate him. He died despite all efforts to save him.”

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