Friday, November 18, 2016

Armored car courier robbed by heavily armed men at junior high school

DEER PARK, TX Nov 18 2016
Authorities are investigating a robbery of an armored car courier on the grounds of a school and the school district is now looking at a change in how their money is collected.
The robbery of the armored car took place in the parking lot of a Deer Park ISD school on Monday at 9:30 a.m. when two masked men robbed a money courier.
It happened in the parking lot Deepwater Junior High at 501 Glenmore Drive, Pasadena police reported.
According to police, the courier picked up a cash deposit from the school and was placing the bag into the trunk of his vehicle, when two men wearing masks and hoodies and carrying a rifle approached him and demanded the cash.
Pasadena Police Department Spokesman Vance Mitchell said the car used in the robbery was found in a field near the school.
Meanwhile, the robbery has officials at Deer Park ISD re-evaluating procedures for how money is picked up at the schools and how the process works.
"The bigger concern is that we don't want it to affect our ability to keep our kids safe, "DPISD Director of Communications Matt Lucas told the Pasadena Citizen.
Deepwater Junior High is on the southwest corner of a larger complex of campuses that includes an early childhood center and two elementary schools, Deepwater and Parkwood.
Deer Park ISD sent a letter to parent of students in the Deepwater complex informing them of the incident.
According to Mitchell, no students or employees were placed in danger and all the doors to the school were locked and secured at the time of the incident.

The robbery remains under investigation.

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