Friday, October 28, 2016

TSA deploys bomb dogs at Logan International Airport

Credit-Angela Rowlings

Boston MA Oct 28 2016
The future of security at Logan International Airport is going to the dogs.
A group of security dogs have been deployed and will begin looking for explosives in and around the airport.
The Labrador retrievers, which began working full time at Logan earlier this month, are the first of their kind in New England, officials said.
The dogs will be placed outside security checkpoints and will use their sense of smell to pick up on vapors, TSA Spokesman Michael McCarthy said.
The new dogs are being deployed at terminal security checkpoints and will be tasked with detecting explosives and their components that could be concealed on a person’s body or belongings being brought onto an aircraft.
The TSA currently has more than 900 passenger-screening canine teams at work across the country.
Each dog has to pass 12 weeks of intensive training before they are brought to their assigned location.

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