Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trespassing incident at Lynchburg College injures officer and pedestrian

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LYNCHBURG, Va. Oct 16 2016 Lynchburg Police are investigating an early morning hit-and-run that happened on the campus of Lynchburg College Saturday, according to the college.
Around 1:30 a.m., Lynchburg College Campus Security officers and Lynchburg officers approached a suspicious vehicle parked in a back lot near houses on 325 College Street. When the officers approached, a male driver immediately sped off with a campus security officer hanging onto the vehicle. The officer suffered arm, foot and back injuries from this.
The driver suspect proceeded to hit a female Lynchburg College student when he continued driving and left the parking lot he was in. Once the suspect left the lot, he drove north on College Street and crashed his vehicle in the area of College Street and Westwood Avenue parking lot. As officers were in pursuit, the suspect left his car and ran across College Street onto the campus. He was then taken down by a Lynchburg College alumnus who held the suspect until officers arrived and placed him under arrest.
Both the injured officer and female student were brought to the Lynchburg General Hospital to treat non-life threatening injuries. The suspect was identified as a known trespasser to Lynchburg College Security.
Lynchburg College says the incident was an isolated event.


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