Monday, October 17, 2016

'Several hundred' students and visitors get in fights, cause disturbance at Livingstone College

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SALISBURY, NC Oct 17 2016
Numerous fights over several hours culminated with a major brawl at the Livingstone College involving several hundred students and visitors causing a major "disturbance" on campus.
Just after midnight, Salisbury police said they were called for a third time to Livingstone College in reference to fights and disorderly actions among a crowd of "several hundred" students and visitors.
Police say that the large group failed to disperse upon orders and continued to fight even after law enforcement arrived.
Chemical agents were finally used to disperse the crowd when there were confrontations between police and people in the group.
Police report that only pne person was arrested during the disturbance.
Livingstone College police, Rowan Sheriff's Office, fire and EMS personnel all responded to the school.

The school was on lockdown for the rest of the night.

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