Friday, October 21, 2016

Police arrest six gang members in Chesdin Landing 'mansion party' killings

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Richmond VA. Oct 21 2016
Six young local men police say are members of a gang were arrested this morning at their various homes and charged with killing two participants of a house party last month in a home under construction in the upscale community of Chesdin Landing.
"We conducted multiple search warrants simultaneously at the addresses where these people (lived) and were able to locate everyone we were looking for," said Chesterfield County police Capt. Michael Louth. "We just wanted to make sure we got each of them so that was the method that we chose."
More than 100 law enforcement personnel from six local, state and federal agencies in the Richmond region participated in the roundup of suspects.
Each of the six men were charged with one count each of second-degree murder, felony gang participation and felony use of a firearm.
Because investigators were still conducting interviews with the suspects late this morning, police said they could not immediately provide a possible motive for the killings or say whether their involvement with a gang played a role.
Louth also declined to say whether the suspects knew, or were acquainted with, the two victims: Duval Turner, 22, of Richmond; and Marc Starkes, 24, of Amelia County. A third partygoer was shot and wounded but survived.
Louth said the six suspects "are all known to each other" and were members of a gang. But "I can't elaborate on any other details about it," he said.
Authorities have moved to have sealed the search warrants served at each of the defendants' homes, Louth said.
Arrested are: Djion C. Bowles, 20, of the 2900 block of Blendwell Road in Richmond;  Kennson Clairsaint, 20, of the 2700 block of Geneva Drive in Richmond; Corey T. Harris, 19, of the 3200 block of Kingsdale Road in Chesterfield; Kendric R. Hill, 20, of the 4100 block of Mallard Landing Circle in Chesterfield; Devin D. Taylor, 21, of the 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond; and Tevon J. Todd, 18, of the 2900 block of Burley Ridge Terrace in Chesterfield.
The defendants aren't expected to make their first court appearances until Friday.
"We're still doing some of our interviews with these folks and we're trying to sort out a lot of the details involving the whole thing," Louth said. "But we were certainly at a point where we had probable cause (to charge them) so we went ahead and made the arrests."
The apprehensions and arrests of the suspects was a collaborative effort that involved Chesterfield police, Richmond police, Henrico police, the Richmond Office of the FBI, Virginia State Police and the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force.
The fatal shootings occurred Sept. 4 in a home that may have been randomly selected as a party house after the gathering was promoted on Instagram and drew 200 to 300 people, police said.
In September, police said they didn't believe the three shooting victims knew one another or had been armed. One of the young men died in the garage of the house in the 15000 block of Chesdin Green Way and the other was located just inside the house from the garage, police said.
The custom house where the party occurred was being built for a family that planned to move in within the next 30 days, Scott Camp, the developer of Chesdin Landing and president of the Chesdin Landing Home Owners Association, said in early September.
The 3,800-square foot dwelling had electricity and air conditioning, but there was no working water or sewer service. "The electricity had just been turned on that day," Camp said.
Police received a call about 1:50 a.m. that a person in the house had been shot. Police said it appeared the partygoers brought their own alcohol to drink.
Young people from throughout the area were in attendance, some coming from Ashland, Richmond, and Amelia, Henrico and Chesterfield counties.

The home apparently was randomly picked for what is known as a "mansion party" - well-organized, illegal events taking place across the country in high-end communities, Camp said.
Richmond Times 

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