Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Man threatens people with Holston Valley Medical Center security officer's Taser privateofficer.com

Daniel R. Jennings
KINGSPORT TN Oct 18 2016 — A man has been arrested after allegedly fighting with police and hospital employees at Holston Valley Medical Center, at one point grabbing a security guard's Taser and threatening six people.
According to a press release from the Kingsport Police Department, the incident occurred Sunday at approximately 3:30 p.m. Officers were called to the HVMC emergency room due to a disruptive patient.
Outside a room that held Daniel R. Jennings, 39, police found three security guards and two members of the ER staff. The reason for Jennings being at the hospital is not specified in a KPD release, but a nurse reportedly stated that he would be discharged after providing a urine sample.
When the nurse entered Jennings' room, he reportedly took an aggressive fighting stance, raised his fists and threatened to assault her. A police officer then entered the room, and Jennings began yelling and cursing.
According to a press release, when the officer attempted to take Jennings into custody, Jennings resisted "and a struggle ensued. At some point during the struggle, Mr. Jennings was able to gain control of a Taser electrical weapon carried by one of the security guards."
Jennings is alleged to have waved the Taser in a threatening manner toward six people. Police and hospital security were eventually able to subdue and disarm him.

Jennings, of 651 Dale St., apartment 6, was arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.
Kingsport Times

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