Monday, October 31, 2016

Danbury CT police charge man in retail theft, assault on security

Danbury Police file photo. Photo: Tyler Sizemore / Tyler Sizemore / The News-Times
DANBURY CT Oct 31 2016 - A man was arrested Saturday afternoon after police say he stole two jackets from Macy’s and then fought with mall security guards.
Police say Robert Legree, 42, of Brooklyn, took two $275 Ralph Lauren jackets off the racks at Macy’s and put them in an empty shopping bag. Security guards tried to stop the suspect from leaving the store without paying, but he went in another direction toward the parking lot.
Guards followed the suspect outside and tried to tackle him. When officers arrived, three guards were fighting with Legree as a crowd of shoppers looked on, according to police. Two of the guards had minor cuts from the fight.
An officer attempted to handcuff Legree, but could not get control of the suspect’s left hand until other officers helped handcuff and put him in the cruiser.

Legree began banging his head against the plastic seat, according to police. An officer said he held the suspect’s head to prevent him from hitting the seat.
News Times

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