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3 jailed after theft, security guard assault at Shawnee Mall

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Shawnee OK Oct 29 2016 Two suspects who allegedly stole merchandise from Dillard's and Shawnee Mall and then allegedly assaulted a mall security guard while fleeing are now jailed on numerous complaints, including assault and obstruction. The getaway driver also was jailed for accessory and for not having a valid driver license.
Shawnee Police Spokeswoman Vivian Lozano said it was about 9:05 p.m. Wednesday night when police were called to Dillard's in Shawnee Mall for a robbery.
Dispatch advised that two males stole merchandise from the store, then assaulted the security guard and left the area, Lozano said, with reports indicating the suspects went westbound on Interstate 40 from Kickapoo.
Officer Jake Duggan visited with mall security about the suspects who were seen leaving Dillard’s with numerous items of unpaid merchandise. They were later identified as Jimmie Brown, 26, and Harrison Smith, 27, Lozano said.
When the security guard attempted to stop both Brown and Smith, they began to attack him, Lozano said. The two then got into a black car that was waiting on them in the parking lot and left westbound from the mall.
Officer Duggan spoke with two witnesses to the altercation and one witness followed the car and was able to get a tag number, she said.
Lt. John Goss located that vehicle and stopped it east of SH 102 and I-40. Lt. Goss spoke with the driver, Mary Johnson, 30, who had a front seat passenger, Lozano said, while Brown and Smith were both in the back seat.
Lozano said Johnson had a suspended driver license and Brown had warrants out of both Pottawatomie and Oklahoma County, so both were placed under arrest.
As Officer Duggan conducted an inventory of the the vehicle, he located numerous clothing items with price tags still on them belonging to Dillard’s and Victoria’s Secret, Lozano said.
Brown was booked into jail on complaints of grand larceny, assault and battery, possession of controlled dangerous substance, obstruction of a public officer and felony warrants.
Smith also was arrested and was jailed on complaints of grand larceny, assault and battery and obstruction of a public officer.
Johnson was jailed on complaints of driving under suspension/revocation, accessory to grand larceny and obstruction of a public officer.

Formal charges have not been filed, but case reports will be turned over to the district attorney's office for review.
Shawnee News Star

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