Thursday, December 14, 2017

Little Rock Target store security agent tased by shoplifter

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LITTLE ROCK AR Dec 14 2017
A man suspected of stealing from a Little Rock store Tased a security guard when the security officer confronted him Monday, police reported.
Officers were called at 5:36 p.m. to Target at 12700 Chenal Parkway. A security guard, Brian Grishby, 29, said he'd confronted a man and a woman who appeared to be leaving the store without paying for several items, according to a police report. The man pulled out a small pink device described as a Taser and shocked Grishby on his left side.
The man and woman then fled with a shopping cart containing about $427 in merchandise, according to the report. They were seen approaching a black Ford Flex in the parking lot.
Police said that Grishby declined medical treatment.
The man accused of Tasering him is described as black, 5-feet-7 and 175 pounds with short braided hair. He reportedly wore a Bluetooth device around his neck. The report says it appeared the man was not able to use his left arm.

The woman was described as black, 5-feet-10 and 165 pounds.

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