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Men jailed in fight with Syracuse University football game security privateofficer.com

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Syracuse, NY Sept 19 2017 -- Two men were arrested Saturday after brawling with security during a Syracuse University football game.
A Syracuse police officer said he was injured in the fracas, which was caught on video by others in the stands. Both men were led out in handcuffs after the 6:07 p.m. incident in the first row of Section 108.
Michael Staubner, 38, of 710 Helen St., Syracuse, was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, a violation, city police said.
Greg Hurley, 31, of 207 Draper Ave., Solvay, was charged with disorderly conduct.
Both men appeared intoxicated and had been warned about their behavior earlier in the game by a police officer, according to court papers.
Both spent Saturday night at the Onondaga County Justice Center jail before being arraigned Sunday and released, according to court records. They are both due back in court next week.
At least eight security and police officers arrived within 30 seconds after the brawl started in the stands near one of the end zones.
Staubner and Hurley were harassing one of the cameramen for Central Michigan University, causing him to stop filming, police said. A security guard told them to stop, leading to the altercation.
In the video of the fight, Staubner is the one dressed in an orange shirt with lettering on the front who was subdued in a bear hug, according to court records.
While being handcuffed, "the defendant immediately took his right hand and grabbed ahold of the metal railing," Officer Ahmad Mims said in court papers. "Subsequently, the defendant was eventually bear hugged and placed into handcuffs without further incident."
Hurley, wearing a black vest and light shirt, was handcuffed around the same time.
Officer John Kritzer said he was injured while handcuffing Hurley.

"While placing Hurley into custody, he leaned into my right arm causing my arm to push away from my body in an awkward motion," Kritzer wrote in court papers. "I immediately felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder while I was handcuffing Hurley."

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