Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stillwater Oklahoma bondsman charged with murder of client

Chasity Dawn Carey

Stillwater OK Aug 13 2017 Chasity Dawn Carey has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of 38-year-old Brandon James Williams that occurred Wednesday in downtown Stillwater.
Carey, 41, will be arraigned Friday afternoon in a Payne County courtroom - bond still needs to be set. Jarrod Heath Stevenson and Thomas A. Griesedieck of the Stevenson Law Firm in Oklahoma City have already entered their appearance in defense of Carey.
In the filings, the district attorney’s office determined the first-degree charge by contending the homicide was committed with “malice aforethought,” meaning intent or premeditation. First-degree is the most severe murder charge, and in Oklahoma can be punishable by a life sentence or even the death penalty in some circumstances.
Carey was arrested at her Drumright home Wednesday evening, hours after she called 911 saying she had shot Williams at her Signature Bail Bonds office at Town Center in the 100 block of West Seventh Avenue.
Williams was one of her clients, and the two were meeting nine days after she had posted $35,000 bond in a case that Williams faced four charges in.
"Carey told officers she had called Williams to her office with the intent of taking him into custody to revoke his bond and deliver him back to the Payne County Sheriff’s office," Capt. Kyle Gibbs wrote in the release.
"A witness was present during the meeting between Carey and Williams. Carey told investigators a fight broke out between her and Williams during the meeting. 
She indicated she shot Williams with a gun she had in her desk in self-defense during the struggle.

"Witness statements as well as evidence found at the scene, including video evidence, contradict Carey’s version of the event.
The investigators’ findings indicate that the shooting was not a justifiable act of self-defense."

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