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Sage Hill Casino armed robbery suspect arrested privateofficer.com

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FORT HALL ID July 25 2017 — The shotgun-wielding man who allegedly robbed Sage Hill Casino early Sunday morning has been arrested.
Dillon McCandless, of Blackfoot, was arrested Sunday evening after being stopped on Interstate 15 between Pocatello and Fort Hall.
An Idaho State Police trooper spotted McCandless driving a 2009 GMC Sierra northbound on I-15 near Inkom at approximately 9 p.m.
The trooper then contacted the Fort Hall Police Department, the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office and the Pocatello Police Department for backup.
A traffic stop was then initiated near Pocatello and McCandless was taken into custody without incident.
According to Fort Hall officials, the suspect is currently being held in Jefferson County on federal charges of robbery.
The robbery of Sage Hill Casino, which is located along Highway 91, occurred early Sunday morning about 2:25 a.m. Fort Hall authorities said the suspect entered the casino carrying a shotgun and demanded that a cashier place money into a bag.
After the cashier placed a “large amount of money” inside the bag, Fort Hall officials said the suspect took the bag, walked out of the casino and entered a truck. The truck then left the casino parking lot and headed south on Interstate 15.
Authorities said the suspect attempted to conceal his identity with a dark-colored bandana. But a tattoo of a human skull was on the backside of his right hand.
Nobody was injured during the armed robbery.
Authorities said they are not going to disclose exactly how much money was stolen except to say that it was a large amount.

This case is under investigation by the Fort Hall Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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