Sunday, July 9, 2017

NE security guard charged with impersonating an officer

BELLEVUE, Neb. July 9 2017
He worked for a private security firm but acted more life a police officer.
Complaints called into local police eventually caused 34-year old Joshua Hartsook to be
charged with impersonating a police officer.
Police say that he often wore a security guard uniform and used his personal vehicle like it was a police cruiser.
Prosecutors say that he was utilizing lights and wearing a gun belt to stop drivers in the Paradise Lake Community.
Bellevue Police stopped Hartsook and arrested him in Paradise Lake.
Officers confiscated the light bar taped to the vehicle and later searched his home where they seized a loaded nine millimeter handgun and duty belt similar to police officers.
It's alleged that while in uniform a few days earlier that he tried to pull over a female resident of Paradise Lake.
"With lights flashing and a siren sounding on his vehicle he followed the woman who then went to her home. He continued to follow her and proceeded to have a conversation with her about driving too fast." said Bellevue police officer Laurie Synowiecki.
Another resident also told police about an encounter with Hartsook.
He "turned on his lights and he got out in uniform and said he's nighttime security for here and told them they weren't supposed to be setting off fireworks."

The community's office manager declined comment.

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