Monday, July 3, 2017

NC man helps state trooper chase down fleeing shoplifter

GREENVILLE, N.C July 3 2017 An ordinary drive down Arlington Boulevard on Sunday afternoon in Greenville quickly turned into a bizarre scene.
The N.C. State Highway Patrol was responding to a shoplifting call at Rack Room Shoes at the Greenville Mall.
The suspect took off on foot, followed by the responding state trooper.
Matt Goschke was riding in a car nearby when he saw what was happening. He decided to hop out of his car to help — and tackled the suspect until the trooper could catch up and handcuff him.
The tackle happened near the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Evans Street.
The suspect was then escorted back to the trooper’s car.
Goschke said it was a crazy experience, but was glad he could help out.

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