Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lexington man arrested for breaking hospital security officer's finger

Lexington KY July 22 2017 A Lexington man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly broke the finger of a St. Joseph Hospital security officer who tried to prevent him from lighting a cigarette, according to court records.
Christopher L. Clater, 43, was in the hospital’s emergency room as a patient when he reportedly tried to light the cigarette, according to court records. When Clater was told he couldn’t smoke inside, he became disorderly and tried to leave his room, his arrest citation states.
Clater is accused of punching a security officer in the face when he was blocked from leaving, according to court records. While Clater and the security officer were wrestling on the ground, Clater grabbed the officer’s left little finger and bent it sideways away from his hand, breaking the finger, according to the arrest citation.
Clater is being held in the Fayette County jail on a charge of second-degree assault.

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