Thursday, July 27, 2017

Burglary suspect found with 'sexual contraptions' at elementary school

ORLANDO, Fla. July 27 2017 **Warning: graphic content may be unsuitable to some readers**
Police officers in Orlando who responded to a burglary call at an elementary school found themselves walking into an R-rated crime scene.
The situation happened at Grand Elementary School on Saturday night.
A security guard called 911 after hearing music and movement inside the school.
Police brought in a K-9 to help search the building. According to a report from the Orlando Police Department, officers walked into room 211 and found a man on the floor, wearing only a belt and loin cloth and feces on his buttocks.
Investigators found several sexual contraptions in the room, which appeared to have been used, police said. Officers also found a cell phone playing a pornographic video on the desk.

Police made the suspect, identified as Scottrell Dovonta Denmark, clean up and put on some shorts. Investigators said he had a warrant for possession of a controlled substance. He's facing charges of burglary of a structure, trespassing on school grounds and criminal mischief.

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