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Albuquerque security officer helps police nab robbery suspect

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. July 15 2017 -- A private security officer in Albuquerque helped police nab a violent suspect, even when it wasn't his job.
The company he works for, International Protective Services, is paid to protect the Sonic on Central and San Pedro.  Right next door is a Circle K.  That business does not pay for guards through IPS.
But when a security iofficer saw a man run into the back alley from the convenience store, Patrol Sgt. Steve Stefoin with IPS took action.
"Every day I go out and I get to make a difference," he said.
Stefoin said he was patrolling the Sonic on Friday morning when he saw a man with a red jacket running from the Circle K. When he circled back around to take a closer look, he found out police were looking for that exact man.
"I noticed that the jacket that I saw the individual running with is now on the ground, on the next street over.  And he's walking down the street," Stefoin said.
That was crucial information as the suspect tried to change his appearance. Stefoin kept a close eye on the man and he says within minutes, APD got him in custody.
"It was a violent felony," Stefoin said. "Getting one of those people off the streets is an absolutely awesome feeling."
Paul Higgins is accused of pointing a gun at the Circle K clerk, getting away with cigarettes and about $90. Higgins is charged with robbery with a deadly weapon.
Stefoin's boss, IPS CEO Aaron Jones, is happy his employee helped out, even when it wasn't their client paying them to pay attention.
"If a police officer is in trouble, or somebody...a citizen is in trouble and we have the means and the capabilities to try to help or stop it, then by gosh we're going to do something about it," Jones said.

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