Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meadows Racetrack and Casino security officer sexually assaulted

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WASHINGTON, Pa. June 21 2017
John Dingle, 67, is charged with indecent assault after police say he groped a security guard, who was driving a shuttle bus, at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino early Sunday.
"I'm sorry. It's not me," Dingle said. "I have a lot to explain to my wife and my family, kinda bad on Father's Day."
Dingle said he had been drinking at the casino before he boarded the shuttle for a ride back to his RV, parked in the casino's back lot. According to court papers, Dingle grabbed the driver's breasts, tried to persuade her to join him in his RV, then pulled her toward him, before she was able to persuade him to get off the shuttle.
"I just want to get it all behind me and I feel so bad for her. I really do. I'm not that type of guy. I'm family man. I messed up," Dingle said.
Dingle said he was too drunk to remember what happened, but he vows to make changes.
"I'm gonna go get some help for alcohol, and I'm barring myself from the casino," Dingle said. "I'm definitely gonna try to make this up somehow in my life. (At) 67 years old, this shouldn't have happened to me."
Dingle is charged with indecent assault and public drunkenness. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 3.


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