Friday, June 2, 2017

Man and wife arrested for shooting at Bay St Louis casino

BAY ST. LOUIS MS June 2 2017
A man who shot at a casino hotel after he and his wife were told to leave has been arrested, and so was his wife, police say.
No one was injured, but police were trying to retrieve a bullet from between the fourth and fifth floors of the Hollywood Gulf Coast hotel Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief Daren Freeman said.
Waveland police assisted in the arrest of Vince McCoy, 58, and his wife, Barbara Landry, 56, both taken into custody at the Ridge At Waveland apartment complex later Wednesday. They each face one felony charge and a misdemeanor charge.
Something had happened when the couple had visited the casino Tuesday and they had been told to leave, Freeman said.
“They came back and apparently were told to leave again,” he said.
“They went out to the parking lot and Mr. McCoy pulled a handgun out of their vehicle and fired a shot, one round, into the hotel.”
Surveillance video and casino security helped identify the couple, Freeman said.
They were being taken to the Hancock County jail.
Police arrested McCoy on one count each of shooting into an occupied dwelling and discharging a firearm in the city. Police arrested his wife on an accessory charge on each count. 

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