Wednesday, June 28, 2017

G-Tech security officers test body worn cameras

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WAGGA AU June 28 2017 Security guards will trial body-worn cameras and load bearing vests in a radical attempt to curb the city’s rampant rate of crime.
G-Tec’s latest scheme will see staff issued with uniform-mounted filming devices in the coming weeks, allowing them to capture live footage of assaults, thefts, vandalism and burglaries.
Company director Tim Lewry claims it will also aid guards in prosecutions – should they be abused on the job.
“We are slowly going to roll these units out across the full team if testing goes well,” he said.
“If they're (lawbreakers) dealt with, we’ll have a recording of them and make it that much easier for the police and courts.
“We’re working hard to make sure we don’t overstep any legalities and we’re really trying to move the security industry up in people’s eyes.
“We need to be in the 21st century.”
Official data collected by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) shows a security guard is assaulted or threatened in NSW each day.
It comes after the security company’s bold proposal to have personnel sweep Wagga’s suburbs in sentry guards after dark seemingly collapsed.
Their bid to operate a “sentry vehicle” throughout Glenfield Park was crippled by a lacklustre sign-up rate.
However, an anti-crime stalwart has rallied behind the firm’s latest idea.
Wagga Neighbourhood Watch founder David Abbott – a former security guard – has first-hand experience of the violence those in the industry face.

Mr Abbott has been physically assaulted in the line of duty and watched a family friend have his jaw shattered before his eyes.
He has welcomed Mr Lewry’s decision to adopt body-worn cameras.
“I think it's a great idea to use these cameras and I honestly think all security guards should have them,” he said.
“I know with Tim and the guys at G-Tec, they’re responding to alarms and there’s always that element of risk.”
“It would serve as a deterrent as well as a way to help the police prosecute these people.”
G-Tec will issue written letters to clients in the coming weeks advising of the brand new body-worn camera initiative.

Mr Lewry said the footage will also be monitored internally to ensure guards perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

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