Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Violent Week-End Hits Frontline Security Officers privateofficer.com

Charlotte NC May 2 2017 No doubt many of us was watching our favorite sports, spending time with family or doing whatever we do to relax this past week-end but many in the private security field was hard at work and facing real dangers.

Security police officers in Washington DC confronted an armed man who refused to drop his weapon. The man who had been involved in an assault and possible burglary was caught by two special police officers as he attempted to flee the scene. Eventually the officers disarmed and subdued the man who now faces numerous felony charges.

A Horry County S.C. security officer faced a life and death situation as he found himself in the middle of a gun battle that left one person dead.
The security officer on duty at a nightclub saw several men involved in a confrontation which soon turned into gunfire. The security officer fired at the men who began fleeing in separate cars and the men returned gunfire. One person is reportedly dead and several customers were also shot.
Police say the incident remains under investigation and there have been no arrests.

A Le Mesa California security officer was shot at a pool hall after several fights broke out inside and outside the business.
One man produced a handgun and began shooting toward the business striking the security officer.
The security guard suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his upper thigh and was transported to a local hospital.

A Philadelphia security officer was attacked and stabbed multiple times in the parking lot of a business as he was investigating a possible burglary.
The security officer was transported to a hospital and the suspect is at large.

In Lauderdale Florida, a security officer is under investigation after shooting a customer at a lunge. Police say that the patron was driven to Florida Medical Center by a friend, and was later transferred to Broward Health Medical Center to be treated for a non-life-threatening injury. Deputies are investigating the shooting.

San Diego police report that seven people were shot and one person is dead at an apartment complex where security was on duty.
The shooting occurred during a pool party.
Police rushed to the apartment building in the University City area and fatally shot the man after he pointed his gun at officers,
The reports were grim: a white man wearing brown shorts was armed with a gun and shooting at what two witnesses described as approximately 30 people around the pool, most of them African American.
The gunman, identified as Peter Selis, 49, was pronounced dead at the scene.

An Indianapolis Indiana man is in police custody after attacking a security officer with a box cutter.  The attack occurred at the Ebony and Ivory Nightclub in the 5100 block of East 38th Street around 11:15 p.m.
36-year-old Michael Robertson, was pinned down by security officers until police arrived.
Robertson attacked the guard after being denied entry due to a private event being held at the club. Camera footage reportedly shows him attempting to punch the security officer before grabbing a box cutter and chasing him through the parking lot and back into the club.
The security officer sustained several cuts to both sides of his head and was taken to Community Hospital for treatment. Another security guard was cut on the finger while attempting to subdue Robertson and was treated at the scene.

Houston Texas police report a man armed himself with a tire iron and began smashing an armored truck.
What started as a traffic collision between a van and an armored truck quickly escalated to a confrontation with gunfire.
Houston police report that the incident occurred at about 9:30 a.m. Friday near S. Willow and Gasmer Streets.
A man driving a large, black van sideswiped a GARDA armored transport vehicle.
The two drivers pulled over into a parking lot near that intersection and things then escalated.
At that point, police say that the driver of the van ran several laps around the armored vehicle before the driver of the armored vehicle got out with his weapon drawn.
Witnesses told police that the security guard then chased the man around the armored truck and the van driver then apparently got in his van and took off.
Moments later, eyewitnesses say that the driver of the van returned and was yelling at the armored truck security officers.
The security officer fired shots at the van driver and he fled but was later arrested.
Police do not know if this was a robbery attempt or a road rage incident.

A man pulled a shotgun on a security officer at Lake Holiday in Virginia after he was involved in a confrontation.
The officer fired his weapon before the suspect fled the scene
Joseph Duvall was arrested on three gun charges after allegedly pointing the shotgun gun at a security officer at Lake Holiday.
The confrontation began at the gate of Lake Holiday but police have yet to say what started it or why the man pulled a gun.

A Lexington S.C.  Hospital security officer fired his weapon at a vehicle after he stated the man tried to run him over.
The Lexington Medical Center Public Safety officer responded to a situation with a person in a car on the hospital campus.
Following a confrontation, the officer sustained non-life threatening injuries after the suspect’s car hit him.
The suspect was arrested.

A Brooklyn NY security officer was stabbed as he attempted to diffuse an argument. The man fled the building and the security officer was treated for his injuries.
Police have not made an arrest.

A man tossed out of a bar by security returned spraying a volley of bullets at security officers and an off-duty Cleveland police officer who was working an off-duty security detail.
Officers returned fire and took the suspect into custody.

Multiple other security officers were also involved in physical altercations and were assaulted during the week-end.

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