Monday, May 22, 2017

Stone Mountain Ga. police officer, son arrested after road rage incident involving gun

Newton County, Ga. May 22 2017-- A Stone Mountain police officer and her son were arrested on numerous charges after an alleged road rage incident involving a gun in Newton County.
Randy Foster said he was headed to the Dungeon Gym on Brown Bridge Road May 13 when a female driver cut him off and her son, who was in the passenger seat, pointed a gun at him.
Foster said he kept heading toward the gym, knowing that his uncle was there. He said the car followed him.
The two cars pulled up to the gym. As Foster got out of his vehicle, he said the teen passenger in the other car followed him. Foster said he was banging on the locked door of the gym when the teen came toward him with a gun.
"You don't know what a person's gonna do when they're holding a weapon -- what they're thinking a lot of emotions going through your head, your family, what you're worth," Foster said. "Everything goes through your head at that moment."
Foster's uncle got between the two: "Look, this is not what we want to do," he said.
Authorities were called to the scene.
It was discovered that the driver of the vehicle that followed Foster was Diane Sinclair, was an officer with the Stone Mountain Police Department.
She was arrested on charges of reckless conduct.
Her son, Terrence Sinclair, was also arrested on numerous charges, including aggravated assault, pointing a pistol at another and possession of a pistol by a minor.
Stone Mountain Police Chief Chancey Troutman said that Sinclair has been placed on paid administrative leave pending outcome of an internal investigation. 

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